2015-2016 WPA Artist Directory on Washington Project for the Arts on Square Market

Published by East City Art Media LLC
Washington, DC

ISBN: 978-0-9861529-0-0

Library of Congress Control Number: 2015932597

Printed in the United States of America

WPA's full-color, fully-illustrated WPA Artist Directory is the definitive guide to established, emerging, and mid-career contemporary artists throughout the region. Used by curators, art advisors, collectors, artists, editors, designers, and people with an interest in the arts, our bi-annual print directory is the primary resource for access to art and artists in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia region.

The directory features each participating WPA member artist on a full 8-1/2 x 5-1/2" page with contact information and a high-quality image selected by the artist as representative of his or her work. 

Our bi-annual print Artist Directory is complimentary to our online resources highlighting the work of WPA member artists. Along with our new and improved online artist registry ArtFile Online and WPA Art Map, the 2015-2016 WPA Artist Directory further solidifies WPA as the BEST resource for finding contemporary art, raising awareness of, and promoting the contemporary art and artists throughout the region.

If you would like to learn more about WPA Membership or to know more about the 2015-2016 WPA Artist Directory, please email Membership Director Jeremy Flick at jflick@wpadc.org.