It seems like it would go without saying that We Pay Artists when we have the privilege of showing their work, but you'd be surprised at how many organizations and institutions still don't. We pay artists when they make new work for a show in our gallery, do a performance, give a talk—even when they lend existing artwork. Artists participating in our annual Auction Gala don't receive an honorarium but we do split sales proceeds with them 50-50. 

This commitment to artist compensation is why WPA is the first arts organization between New York and Miami to be honored with W.A.G.E. certification

In the past decade alone WPA has paid more than $200,000 in honorariums to artists and $1,000,000 in sales commissions to artists.

We've put even more money into artists' pockets by hiring them on staff, or on a contract basis for art handling and transport, fabrication, graphic design, installation, and photography.

We value artists. We pay artists. 


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July 25, 2017