In her installation, Untitled, Ibrahim presents a series of monotype and inkjet prints mounted to circular wood panels.  The imagery of the prints is inspired by imagery from magazine advertisements which are digitally manipulated to exaggerate the dots and pixels of the halftone patterns of the original source imagery. 

Through her abstraction, Ibrahim amplifies the irregular and unexpected “glitches” from the original image, obscuring it beyond direct recognition.  When these magnified halftone patterns are layered over top of a monotype print, they create a vibrating sensation, almost as if viewing a television screen from too close a distance.


Hothouse is a series of exhibitions, installations, and events organized by Washington Project for the Arts and taking place in the Capitol Skyline Hotel Lounge.  Created as a way to provide new opportunities for WPA member artists and forge new connections within DC’s creative communities, Hothouse will present member-initiated programming on a regular basis.

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May 27 – June 20, 2014


Capitol Skyline Hotel Lounge
10 I (Eye) Street SW
Washington, DC 20024