Human artifacts sometimes escape human control, interacting with the environment in ways that call into question the dichotomy between nature and culture. These collaborations stimulate new interactions and illustrate the possibility of life in "capitalist ruins," wherein they gradually generate their own rules, construct new architectural forms through a variety of transformations, and create new venues for life, enjoyment, and recycling. New kinds of architectonics can provide a conceptual framework to re-think our relationship with the environment. How do artifacts and non-man-made objects produce new -- and sometimes unexpected -- partnerships?

Microbial communities and micro-plastic particles interaction in the Chesapeake Bay’s ecosystem
Lecture by UMD microbial ecologist Ana Sosa
Friday, September 27, 7:30–9pm
Free & open to public with RSVP

The Ghost Ships of Mallows Bay
Kayaking Field Trip with Atlantic Kayak Company
Sunday, September 29, 11:00am–4:30pm
$30 registration fee
Note: WPA will provide round-trip transportation; details provided upon registration

About the Participants

Ana Sosa is a Ph.D. student in the Marine Estuarine Environmental Science program in the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science. She does her research at the Institute of Marine and Environmental Technology near Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, where she works in the marine microbial ecology laboratory. Her research focuses on the taxonomy and ecological roles of microbial communities forming biofilms on microplastic particles in the Chesapeake Bay.



Atlantic Kayak Company, a woman-owned business, has been providing fun, educational outdoor experiences in the Chesapeake Bay area since 1995.  We share our passion for natural and cultural history with others through all of our programs.


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NATURA NATURANS is an artist-driven educational experiment that consists of lectures, workshops, field trips, and an exhibition exploring our changing understanding of nature in the Anthropocene. Curated by the artist Anne-Sophie Coiffet, who divides her time between DC and Paris, this twelve-week project examines topics as varied and interrelated as the co-mingling of natural and human objects and systems, securing legal status for ecosystems, silent places and acoustical trash, genetically modified crops and butterflies, space junk and oceanic micro-plastic, and more. 

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WPA & Mallows Bay



September 27–29, 2019