Presented by Ashley Shey

Minnow Future: the Opera is a Clown Rock Opera by m@ horowitz, told through their clown persona Minnow Future. Through an eclectic mix of clowning, puppetry, and rock n’ roll, Minnow tells the story of her childhood on the Clown Colony Yoinkulon 9 in 324 AE (After Earth), the traumatic accident that sent her back in time to present-day Philadelphia, and her quest to return to a home that doesn’t exist yet.

about minnow Future

Minnow Future is Philadelphia’s premier drag clown and a performance persona/alias of m@ horowitz. A lifelong artist and performer, m@ started experimenting with drag in college, and has used drag as a vehicle for navigating the gendered body in performance art since. After graduating, m@ turned towards clowning to get back in touch with their physical theater background and explore an idiocentric, impulse-driven school of performance. As a queer/trans performer interested in radical forms of performance art, clowning offered a fascinating ideal: performance that resists cognitive interpretation, striving to funnel creativity straight from the gut.

Minnow Future was created to bridge m@’s background as a drag performer and their work with pochinko clown technique. Minnow's eclectic and unique performances investigate themes of identity, anti-futurity, apocalypse, etc. while upholding the #1 values of JOY and FUN.

Minnow performs in Philadelphia drag & punk rock shows, and has been a cast member of events like Wavelengths, Make A Space For Me and QUEERSPACE. Recently she's appeared in Feast of Fools, an immersive Halloween clown theater experience. She is also Miss Bio-Werrrk 2017’s Miss Congeniality!

about the presenter

Ashley Shey is a body linguist. Through experimental perfomance, she engages the potential for alchemical transformation in each moment through the use of meditative movement. Her improvisational vocabulary is informed by her background in hip hop, Afro-contemporary dance, sufi whirling meditation, and the study of authentic movement.


Washington Project for the Arts
2124 8th Street NW
Washington, DC 20001




Saturday, March 10, 7pm