We are currently accepting 100-word proposals from artists to organize one-night events that present the art or ideas of other artists. We encourage artists from all backgrounds and disciplines to submit ideas. Idea Day is an opportunity for you to meet with us virtually to talk about ideas that you have brewing or to learn more about our idea submission process. You do not have to have an idea in order to meet with us!

Meetings will be 15 minutes long and will take place virtually via Zoom on Thursday, December 10th between 5:00–7:00pm ET.

We encourage you to look through our recent programs to get a sense of the type of projects we support and read our idea submission guidelines before the meeting. Ideally we prefer having conversations with artists before an idea is fully formed. 

Above image: "Pleasure Memory", a performance by Jasmine Hearn for the project "Black Women as/and the Living Archive" organized by multidisciplinary artist Tsedaye Makonnen

About Our Program Model

WPA recognizes that artists are increasingly collaborating across boundaries and borders to build community and shape discourse. We are interested in facilitating these collaborations through an artist-driven program model. We define artist-driven as an institutional practice of making space for artists to pitch and organize collaborative experiments; providing artists with the opportunity to expand their practices without absorbing financial burdens or capacity barriers.

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Thursday, December 10, 2020 from 5–7pm ET