WPA is now accepting 100-word project idea submissions from artists to organize one-night events that present the art or ideas of other artists for the 2020–2021 calendar years. These events can take the form of visiting artist lectures, workshops, discussions, performances, immersive experiences, screenings, and other imaginative engagements. We encourage artists from all backgrounds and disciplines to submit. Meet us in person to learn more about our idea submission process and/or to talk to us about ideas you have brewing. Meetings take place on Wednesday, December 11th between 5–7:30pm and are each 15 mins long. Details about our open call and link to sign up for Idea Day below!

Our Selection Criteria

Please consider the following questions when developing your project idea description:

  1. How is your project idea collaborative? How does it uplift and/or present the work of other artists, creative thinkers, and cultural producers?

  2. How is your project idea research-driven, experimental, and imaginative? How does it expand your creative practice?

  3. How will your project benefit your community (of peers, colleagues, audience, etc.)? If you are not living in DC, why does it make sense to present it in DC? (For example, is your project idea relevant to communities in DC, or challenging DC’s political mythology, or contextualizing a history specific to DC?)

Please keep in mind that we are not a traditional gallery space. Our goal is for projects to push the boundaries of traditional exhibitions and programming. With this in mind, please no pitches of solo shows of your own work or other projects that would be a better fit for more traditional commercial gallery spaces. We work collaboratively, and consider organizing artists as our partners for the duration of the planning and production of the project. Beyond the project timeline, it is our goal to continue providing support through a long-term working relationship.

Submission Requirements

  1. Project description (min. 100 words)

  2. Duration of project (ex: One night only film screening)

  3. Artist bio(s) for your proposed collaborators/artists

  4. Your CV or Resume

  5. Why are you interested in presenting this with WPA in DC?

Our Process

We review submissions quarterly (September 15, December 15, April 15, and July 15). If the project idea aligns with our Selection Criteria (please see above) we will schedule a meeting with you to discuss your idea in person (or by phone if you are not in the DC area). During this meeting, we will discuss your goals and further explore your idea. If we accept the project idea, we will discuss next steps and draft an agreement defining the terms of our partnership between you, the organizing artist, and WPA. 

How We Support Your Idea

  1. WPA will facilitate idea development and act as a sounding board while developing a project that is aligned with your stated goals and ambitions.

  2. WPA will leverage its institutional resources and relationships strategically to connect you with knowledge partners, funders, and other collaborators. 

  3. WPA will collaborate with you to bring your vision to life throughout the production and presentation of the project.

  4. WPA will promote your project through targeted and intentional outreach and audience engagement.

  5. WPA will ensure that the documentation and archive of your project is in alignment with the project goals and vision. 

W.A.G.E. Certified

Our commitment to artist compensation is why WPA is the first arts organization between New York and Miami to be honored with W.A.G.E. certification (Working Artists in the Greater Economy). WPA is proud to be W.A.G.E. Certified, ensuring that we have and we will continue to compensate artists fairly. 

We value artists. We pay artists.

Learn More About Our Program Model

WPA recognizes that artists are increasingly collaborating across boundaries and borders to build community and shape discourse. We are interested in facilitating these collaborations through our artist-driven program model. We define artist-driven as an institutional practice of making space for artists to pitch and organize collaborative experiments; providing artists with the opportunity to expand their practices without absorbing financial burdens or capacity barriers.


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