Artist Mother Studio attempts to shift the conversation around motherhood. It seeks to go beyond the definitions casually embedded within a universalist white paternalism, and encourages a politics where mothering is understood more broadly as the conditioning of a world to come. This project is curated by artist Amy Hughes Braden and will take the form of an Artist-in-Residency, conference, and zine. Braden hopes to elevate the voices of artist mothers/caregivers and continue an important conversation about communal labor, and how mothers can lead a way forward based on their experiences with caregiving. AMS foregrounds the dependency and entanglement of being a caregiver (a loss, in a traditional sense, of personal freedom) as a generative position from which to create art.

Contributors include China Martens, Mariah Anne Johnson, Tsedaye Makonnen, and Raina Martens.

Above photo: original zines from The Future Generation: a book about subculture parents, kids, friends, and others by China Martens.

This iteration of Artist Mother Studio is made possible with the generous support the following individuals and businesses: Mary Margaret Plumridge, Carlyn Caruthers, Lynnette and Steve Hughes, Deirdre Ehlen MacWilliams, Lauren Hilyard, Andrea Limauro, Jocelyn Sigue, Jenny Fey, Joseph Katona and Rebecca Hook, Leslie Holt, Margaret Boozer, Elizabeth Carberry, Audrey Neff, Rachel Farbiarz, Sugar Shack Donuts and Rachel and Jeffrey Bean.

WPA is also grateful for annual support from The DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Bloomberg Philanthropies, its board of directors, and its many member patrons.