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I’m more interested in painting as an experience than as a way of conveying any specific meaning. I’m as interested in looking as I am in making. In fact, I think of looking as a kind of making. There is an outward physical gesture in making a mark, and an equally physical, if inward, gesture in looking at one. To me, this means that artist and viewer are engaged in different aspects of the same activity and share equally in the creation of meaning.

The marks I make don’t represent anything but moments in time when a choice was made. A lot of what I do as a painter involves managing decision-making. Making some conscious decisions before I ever make a mark allows me to reveal the less conscious ones I make as I’m painting. Every decision has as much to do with past experience as it does with intentions for the future. I suppose what I’m after is capturing, however briefly or indirectly, something of the present moment that exists between past and future.



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