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Painting and drawing to me are extensions of my unique poetic breath and heartbeat to creatively communicate experiences of triumph, hope, renewal, breakthrough, perseverance, and that which is simple, yet breath-takingly beautiful. Poetry presents a mighty message with skill, whether put to paper or eloquently uttered; poetry flows in expressing moods, thoughts and shades of emotions in one’s experiences. Painting and drawing like poetry share this same stage of skillfulness, but do so at an operatic pace as the cast of players increase in imagery, meaning, purpose, struggle, feeling and so much more. The visual impact is so intense, so immediate, and sometimes so inundating and hypnotic as the message breathes, sings, dances, or maybe even cries, screams and laughs in the kinetics of the chromatic display. The poetic depth of painting and drawing release profound levels of expression that are even more meaningful through color, texture, pattern, shape, tone, contrast, and intensity. My desire as an artist is to render my poetic expression as an orchestration flowing effortlessly. Painting and drawing reveal my heartfelt passions with themes and messages that I desire to share as noble acts of joy and service to uplift the vision of others to connect with the beauty of life lived to the fullest.

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Trent Jackson
2013, 24 in x 30 in, Acrylic on canvas
Trent Jackson
2013, 26 in x 52 in, Acrylic on canvas
Trent Jackson
2012, 38 in x 56 in, Acrylic on canvas
Trent Jackson
2012, 26 in x 52 in, Acrylic on canvas