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Narrative Fine Art

Narrative art illustrates a myriad of life experiences: personal stories, special places, significant events. 

Susan Holloway creates visual tapestries using stories and symbols from a variety of cultures, religions, and literary traditions.  These bold and imaginative works capture core values and meaningful journeys. Each painting is accompanied by a narrative guide of terms and images that inspire the work.

These mixed media compositions use mica watercolors, pastels, ink, and digital manipulations to produce a balance of color and content. Susan’s work reflects an intellectual curiosity fueled by a love of music, literature, and global travel. She believes that fine art must have the power to provoke and convey a heart-felt vision. Her work depicts the joys and challenges that we all experience in our life journeys. 

Susan executes commissioned work for individuals, companies, and community organizations. Her paintings have been exhibited in public galleries and private collections throughout the United States.

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