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It's All Fun And Games... Collage. Paper. Scissors.
I use familiar imagery and colors that conjure up a history of men and women, personal and universal. What we are taught, what we believe and what we expect. Rules we keep and rules we break. Universal truths and lies. As children our views are shaped by play with dolls, games and toys. As adults we remember. Roll the dice. Get lucky. You win.

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All work by Susan

Susan Cole
14.5" x 16" Framed, Cut paper on canvas
Susan Cole
8"x10" Not Framed, Cut paper,wax,stickers on board
Susan Cole
18"x18" Framed, Cut paper,doilies,paint
Susan Cole
14" x18" Framed, Cut paper,thread,tacks, stickers
Susan Cole
10.75" x 12.75" Framed, Cut paper on wood