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I aim to represent soldiers? complex psychology in my works. The series of
Camouflage are dominated by my usual lush fauna, and the silhouettes of soldiers are not
overtly exposed to the surface of painting. Their authentic self might be disguised by the outline
of uniforms of soldier. The soldiers? true identity and real story was often forgotten and untold. I want to spotlight their weakness, uncertainty and distress residing underneath their outspoken bravery, resolution and mystification. I emphasize the fact that we owe our peaceful world to those who willingly scarified and died during the war.
I combine organic shape and geometric form, objective coloring of nature and subjective impregnation of it in my Camouflage series.

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Sunhee Jung
2014, 24x24(4), 20x20(4), 12x25(1), 12x12(4) , Rock candies in Capsules on canvas
Sunhee Jung
30(h) x 54(w), oil on canvas