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Within the artistic realm, there is the potential for manipulation, damage, decay, or loss to be exhibited as a creative process. This creation/damage itself occurs both because of, and in spite of, human interaction. The resulting artwork emerges from the collaboration between the disruptor of data and the reorganizer/interpreter of information.

By reassessing the relationship between the disruptor and the organizer, degradation can be considered a constructive process. Noise becomes a tool of creative expression.

While the introduction of noise into an existing structure or system creates something new, it does so at the cost of the original. Degradation, as an act, may become a creative variation upon a source image, but that visual disruption reflects a loss of information.

Formal investigation of those individual destructive elements can lead to new modes of creation and construction. The basis of degradation can therefore be inverted to become the basis of construction.

The common thread running throughout my work is the choice to use degradation, disruption, or reorganization of the visual matrix as the means of expression. The conceptual content of each work, which drives the application of and investigation of the formal elements of digital media, follows one or more of the following descriptions:

  • the evaluation of data and the reassessment of how we interpret it
  • the breakdown of image as a result of noise
  • our relationship to and engagement with technology
  • human interaction and interrelation as a paralleled by our technologies

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Steven Silberg
12.5ft x 20 ft (variable), interactive installation
Steven Silberg
69" x 36" x 75", computer, 2 montors, webcam, printer, mac mini computer, custom electronics, custom software