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Shelley Lowenstein is a keen observer of people and places. She has a passion for capturing moments, scenes of people engaged in the casual interactions that course through everyday life. She focuses on gesture and body language, and delights in exploring the relationships between her figures, how they look at one another, how they stand or sit in relation to one another, incorporating all these impressions onto the canvas. Using the interplay of light and shadow, she paints scenes that hit the pause button on the hustle of a typical day.

Color is essential in Lowenstein's paintings. Her work escapes from dullness and celebrates the simple pleasures of life with color, energy, and intensity. And she delights in creating some mystery. By barely rendering the features of a figure's face, Lowenstein depicts what she observes, even what she thinks people are thinking and feeling, but leaving it to the onlooker to fill in the blanks.

In short, she paints stories. 


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Shelley Lowenstein
24x36, oil on canvas