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I find connections between the conceptual aspects of my life and its finer details. I've begun follow patterns as I recognize them. I paint a lot of single figures, people who exist in patterned settings, such as a checkerboard tiled room. The transitory nature of the subjects resonates with me and my subjects include things that have a temporary or brief life: children (they grow older), flowers; the fragile act of sleep; the precarious nature of good health. I draw, frequently, and incorporate work in my sketchbook into composite images in my paintings. To extend the connections further, I incorporate sense memory, like an actor relies on experiences to inform a character, my sensory experience often feeds my work in oil on linen, tempera and watercolor on paper. I especially like the feel of paint as it is applied to a linen or paper support.

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Scott Sedar
2018, 15x20", Watercolor on paper
Scott Sedar
11x9.5", Watercolor on watercolor paper
Scott Sedar
2.5x1.5x5", Brass wire, binder clips, battery and plastic knives
Scott Sedar
18.5x15", Tempera on watercolor paper
Scott Sedar
20x15", Gouache on watercolor paper