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Rudy Manuel

                                                     The P.V. Series — Artist’s Statement


P.V. stands for Puerto Vallarta.  Puerto Vallarta is a seaside resort town on the Pacific coast of Mexico, located in the state of Jalisco.   Sometimes I venture to this part of Mexico while it is still winter in the U.S.  While I was in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico between February 21, 2017 and March 28, 2017, I made the sketches that are the basis for this painting series.


Mexico is a land of enchantment.    There are still many good things about Mexico even though some terrible things have taken place there.   While I was in P.V., I was greatly influenced by the smells, sites, ambience, the people, the culture, the architecture, the arts and crafts, and the botanic life.  Everything flowed through me.  I synthesized all the positive energy, and long-lasting impressions, and then soon after — out poured these concepts.


The handling or the treatment of my style of painting has developed over the years — my earliest influences were the Fauves, The Blue Rider Group, and Asian brush painting.   Now my biggest influences are the artists:  Ellsworth Kelly, Agnes Martin, Robert Mangold, Josef Albers, Pat Steir and Alex Katz.   I have seen my style gravitate towards a simpler layout and design.  Draftsmanship is still a big part of my style, having been a draftsman and designer for most of my career.  I am one link in a long chain, and hopefully this one path leads to one avenue of high artistic achievement.




Rudy Manuel
October 4, 2017






                                           The Pop Series

These series’ (The Pop Series I and II) initiated with some automatic sketches that I drew —  (I was working from my imagination without a preconceived thought process.) 

I decided later to paint these simplistic designs, using bold-popish colors.  I made a conscious decision to work in a more graphic style.  I had to adjust my normal painting techniques, and experiment with the layering of paint to arrive at the destination that I had already realized in my mind.  My goal was to create a bold, uplifting body of work that builds on design and adheres to basic pop aesthetics.  


Rudy Manuel   © 2017





































All work by Rudy

Rudy Manuel
2017, 24" x 30", Acrylics on Canvas