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Rudy Manuel
Artist's Statement

I take a traditional approach to creating art.   Working from my imagination, I sketch out drawings, some are discarded, and the remaining sketches are then edited and placed into folders with similar themes.

In my work, I try to glorify the ordinary, and the less notable impressions of our daily life.   I am very interested in icons of permanence that exist in our society, and also the icons of permanence that are a part of our natural landscape.  I like to lift up and praise what may sometimes be taken for granted.  As artists, we have been given skills and insight that help to enlighten others, which in turn, fortify the foundations of our existence.

I usually use a vibrant color palette, and I move easily back and forth between representation and non-objective abstract painting.  My core sense of aesthetics solidifies my belief in taking a Zen approach to painting.  Although a work of art can take months of planning, I let the flow of the brush determine the final outcome.

I love viewing the art of other artists, and I modestly collect art as well.  Art in and of itself is a respite from a sometimes troubling world.   What made the first peoples of the planet create art, and fill their early dwellings and temples with art is still the same compulsion that modern and contemporary artists embody to this day. 

Art is freeing, and art has healing attributes.  There are many vocations that one can choose in life, and being involved in the arts is a noble way to spend one’s time.   Appreciating many genres of art has enduring benefits; chief among them is that the pinnacle goals of humanity can be attained.  One of those goals that we aspire to as a cultured society is to have a world that is safer and more productive for all of its inhabitants.

Rudy Manuel 

October 6, 2019             

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Rudy Manuel
2018, 12" x 12", Acrylic on Canvas
Rudy Manuel
2018, 30" x 30", Acrylic on Canvas
Rudy Manuel
2018, 8" x 24", Acrylic on Canvas