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"The painting takes shape outside any intentional painter's control.  Colors and lines are fused together, taking the viewer into dream land. They are mirrors of the emotions, thoughts and feelings. The final form is never a thought but an inspiration for the viewer: the beginning of a story, a path, a journey. The canvas becomes a parallel universe.  The colors and lines are the artist's feelings and emotions to get away from reality, giving life to places and images between reality and dream. In the silence of the brushwork, the emotions emerge on the canvas."  Tania De Gregorio, Artist,  Rome, Italy

Current works are acrylic paintings on canvas.  I work in a meditation, a flow of strokes, one leading to another. I do not rely on visual references in the world. Being non-figurative, nonobjective and nonrepresentational is an exploratory departure from reality.  I express meaning as an emotional experience rather than through physical reality.  I am a modernist in search of new modes of visual, philosophical and spiritual expression.  Pure visual abstraction has corollary vibrations with sound and music.  Also pure abstraction expresses pure spirituality.  One can attain a knowledge of nature more profound than that provided by empirical means.

When paintings reveal significant complexity, there is an subconscious emphasis on asymmetrical balance.  I also visualize full-color, detailed imagery during dreams.  At times, imagery in my paintings appear through shadows.  I am boldly spontaneous, non-directional, non-objective, and painterly as opposed to more conceptual or analytical. I feel a kinship with Kandinsky's works and writings. His "Concerning the Spiritual in Art", c.1911, identified music as a main source of inspiration.  Also Miro's automatic Surrealism resonates with my intuitive approach.  I do not intentionally look back to the Modernists in the Post-Modern tradition. I feel I have my own personal mode of tactile, kinesthetic expression. I am told my paintings have both an organic and architectural feel.  




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Ric Grossman
2016, 22" x 38", Acrylic painting on canvas
Ric Grossman
2016, 28" x 22", Acrylic painting on canvas
Ric Grossman
2016, 30" x 30", Acrylic painting on canvas
Ric Grossman
2017, 36" x 48", Acrylic painting on canvas