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I’ve been struck like a gong on repeat from the influence of Barbara Kruger’s use of red, black, and white. Her questioning of why things are the way they are paired exquisitely with the answers I found through the anti-art movement, Dadaism. After years of creating nonsense, art school forced me to make sense of all the possibilities and refine my work with more connections to the now and the then. My current art is unapologetically nonsensical with a focus on interaction, fun, and healing through interdimensional tours. Through my “Textured Travels” photographic works, I remove the negative spaces from my past and replace them with a solid textureto smile about. This displacement creates a bridge between memories that the viewer is invited to trespass upon. In my drawings, I bring into closer examination the “Anatomical Inaccuracies” of species from those dimensions that didn’t align accurately enough for us to see. In my performance art as Rex Reginald the Fourth Second I liberate taboos for our unannounced desires. I am both comforting and confrontational psychologically and physically to give a positivity, purity, or power boost among other things. A masseuse can rid you of the knots in your body, but only I can rid you of the knots in your mind.

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