Works in Progress. video


This compilation of stills and short excerpts is from a video series captured while residing at the HEIMA Residency in Seyðisfjörður, East Iceland. This small town is particularly located in a fjord surrounded by topography with mythological and geological significance. During this time I spent long periods in the field where I developed specific characters that perform different activities based upon their own specialized modes of understanding an alternate planetary environment. The Investigator is an inexperienced being who has no language, listens through echolocation, and perceives an unfamiliar environment based solely on sense perception. Madame VEGA on the other hand is from this planet functioning on logic. They are a natural inhabitant to the landscape while the Investigator is working to understand it through the ways they know how. Through the multiple videos, the narrative is revealed between them.

The video series will be accompanied by an archive of drawings, text, object, photographs, and blueprints that explain the fantastical laws of physics pertaining to this other earth landscape, communication devices, daily behaviors, and physiological functions the characters exhibit.