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Rachael Bohlander, a painter and mixed media artist, resides in Washington, D.C., dividing her time between D.C. and New York City. Ms. Bohlander combines a legal background in international public law and public policy with a strong interest in social justice issues, to create expressive, urban-influenced works based on iconography, popular images, and photographs the artist has taken throughout her home cities, and when traveling.

Her use of strong colors and expressive marks is intended to promote empathy and an emotional connection from the viewer, and convey a sense of strength in diversity.  Found materials, newspaper, and recycled/repurposed artwork, adds an element of timeliness and urgency to the works, with the goal toward sparking conversation and a rethinking of assumptions regarding inequality, sexism, discrimination, and privilege.

In addition to D.C., Ms. Bohlander has lived and worked in New York, New Orleans, Amsterdam, and Munich, Germany, among other cities.  She has traveled extensively solo by motorcycle throughout the U.S. and India, drawing upon those experiences to inform her artwork.

Ms. Bohlander has studied at the Washington Studio School, Washington D.C., and is currently an MFA student at New York Studio School with a focus in painting and sculpture.



All work by Rachael

Rachael Bohlander
2017, 42" x 32" x 1 1/4", Oil Paints on Canvas
Rachael Bohlander
2019, 54 x 20, acrylics on Canvas
Rachael Bohlander
2019, 68 x 20 x 1.5, Acrylics on Canvas
Rachael Bohlander
2017, 68 x 48 x 1.25, Mixed Media on Canvas
Rachael Bohlander
2018, 66 x 48 x 1.5, Mixed Media
Rachael Bohlander
2019, 37 x 29 x 22, paper and foam core
Rachael Bohlander
2019, 40 x 27 x 20, paper and foam core