Dimensions vary


Cardboard, paint, video projection



L'Echappe Belle (Narrow Escape) was a video and sculptural installation exhibited at Cut Up, a group show in Pont-Aven, France. In this installation, a spiral staircase between two floors in the studio/gallery PASCA is entirely surrounded by walls padded with a collage of painted-white cardboard. One may enter the installation from either floor to experience the work. From the top of the staircase, diluted paints, inks and other pigments are streaked and splashed onto the cardboard from the highest point of the structure. At the top, where there is the most natural light, the colors are muted grays and purples, and fabric in similar tones is draped across the opening to create artificial darkness below. As the staircase descends, the walls give way to a more vibrant palette of colors, and reveal a variety of natural textures in the cardboard. At the bottom of the staircase the colorful ink trails gradually become more sparse until the remaining cardboard wall is entirely white, and a video loop, Negentropy (11:04), is projected onto the surface. The video loop is an exploration of color and texture; it is an experimentation in combining unlikely materials and processes, using the same pigments that were diluted to paint the cardboard in this installation.