Dimensions variable


Found/donated quilts, wood



structures, which protrude from the wall. The range of colors, patterns, and tension of the fabrics are meant to mimic the variety of textures, hues and degrees of elasticity of the skin. The work was inspired by my research of groundbreaking feminist artists and activists in the late 1960s-70 such as Hannah Wilke, Faith Wilding, and Marina Abramović, whose work celebrated the female body and experience, and challenged a patriarchal society's conceptions of women: specifically the idealized female form, overarching notions of 'normal' and 'acceptable' behavior, and women's place in a patriarchal society- ever beneath their male counterparts in both personal and professional contexts. While debates about gender equality and definitions of feminism appear to be gaining traction in the mainstream media, many of the same transgressions that feminists fought 40 years ago continue to thrive in contemporary misogynist sub-cultures and deeply-rooted patriarchal power schemes. Close-Knit is a personal exploration and interpretation of the female body and experience, mirroring aspects of the contentions of feminist artists and activists who ignited this important conversation.