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My work is a process of searching. Searching for elusive tenderness, which for me is a softness of sorts that inspires and remains present through the process of implementation. A direct gaze couched behind defensive posture or an ephemeral calm look amidst distraction; my obsession is these individual moments of fierce vulnerability, united in revealing yearning isolation and subtle bravery. To capture such moments, I lay down lines and light layers of pigment in a method of studied incompleteness.

Thus, the portraits balance interior and exterior, paint and surface, and foreground and background in an effort to invert expectations of what is shown and what is concealed. I am interested, especially, in subverting traditional depictions of masculinity and femininity by focusing boldly on soft sensuality and close, almost raw intimacy. Moments of exposed surface allow entrance into the pieces, signifying the emotional openness and vulnerability that drew me to the subjects in the first place.

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Nicole Fossi
2016, 40 x 30 x 2, oil on canvas
Nicole Fossi
2016, 36 x 36 x 2, oil on canvas
Nicole Fossi
2016, 50x30x2, oil on canvas
Nicole Fossi
2017, 24x36, Oil on canvas
Nicole Fossi
2017, 36x36, Oil on canvas