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My work examines how the development of the online world is affecting identity, social behavior and our perception of the authentic. By creating prints, replicas, and interactive machines reminiscent of outdated technology, I address the contradictions present in various online technology that are at once ephemeral and entirely permanent. Interactivity and the vocabulary of minimalist sculpture are key elements of my work that challenge the viewer to look beyond the user-friendliness of online technology. Repetitive action and the subsequent build-up of material and information to an absurd degree is a common theme in my work, reflecting the vast quantity of information that we are bombarded with every second.

For better or for worse, technological apparatuses are constantly changing the way we view the world and interact with each other in it. This of course has been true historically, but the speed at which new devices are introduced is increasing exponentially. Everything is becoming faster and more fleeting. The pressure to constantly generate content increasingly prioritizes quantity over quality. My work challenges people to come to terms with these digital advances and how these tools affect even the most banal moments in a very tactile way.

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Nancy Daly
2017, 37.75 x 24.75 inches, Archival inkjet print on canvas covered board, wood, polymer clay
Nancy Daly
2017, 36.25 x 38.75 inches, Archival inkjet print on canvas covered board, wood, 12 playing cards on 310gsm French casino quality cardstock with linen finish