Upper Marlboro

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Through a street art aesthetic I strive to capture a shared social conscience and offer truths of increasingly complex and significant political, economic and social issues of our time; where light shines, shadows fall. Candor and social justice drive my creative process resulting in stark yet elegant artwork that encourages an audience to critically view their world, focus on what is habitually overlooked, face what may be uncomfortable truths, and act to improve their lives and those of others.  At every opportunity I reference values, satirically or directly – integrity, humility, compassion, selflessness, trustworthiness, responsibility, and dependability – on large canvases of size and weight consistent with the gravity of the issues to which they speak.  Truths are transcribed through acrylic spray paint – a street artist’s instrument – as the “street” is most often and most severely deprived of social justice.  Images of the feminine from centuries-old artwork, often of moralist movements, are routinely appropriated and embedded into compositions to suggest causality between the current imbalance of the feminine and masculine in our social constructs and institutions and many of the social ills being faced today.  Consistent with my rebellious undertone, as this artwork was generally acquired by the era’s social elite I consider appropriation of its imagery today in the service of socially-conscious work to be particularly fitting.



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