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Organic imagery and expressions of life cycles are metaphors for psychological and spiritual growth and transformation. There is a provocative point and counterpoint with abstract rock, water, and flower imagery.  Human forms are deep within landscapes and seascapes, as an integral part of the natural world.  Layers and edges signify both technique and content.  Layers imply depth of meaning, subtlety, multiple interpretations.  Dynamic edges in nature are where growth takes place. Expansion is about being on the edge, not in the safe and protected middle ground.

My work is created to convey a sense of the preciousness of life and the power and dignity of the human spirit.  The forms are sensual, timeless, and universal.


Artists are pioneers who explore uncharted psychic regions of human existence and map their discoveries for the benefit of others.

Art heightens awareness of both inner and outer worlds, inspires and guides one toward greater depth and understanding, and helps generate skills necessary for gracefully negotiating through the unexpected, complicated twists and turns of life.  Creativity is the essential element in the development of new ideas, whether spiritual, psychological, sociological, scientific, or political, and is a crucially important process as the world moves toward new and challenging issues in the future.

Our lack of peace in the world is the result of losing touch with nature and our own spiritual core, forgetting our one-ness with other human beings.  Re-connecting with nature, spirit and humanity, developing a sense of unity with all sentient beings, is the only way to find peace.

Violence is about being disconnected.  Violations of civil rights/human rights, violence against women and children, against the innocent, desecration of the environment, and religious intolerance are all the result of the loss of reverence for life-giving, affirming principles.  It is forgetting that any crime against another or against nature is also a crime against ourselves.

Valueing the ethos of love and interconnectedness, and trying to re-align ourselves with the deepest truths is the first step.

Adding to the visual delight in the world is a revolutionary act.  Where we see beauty we see hope.





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