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My paintings are motivated by a skepticism towards truth in contemporary media, and encourage a re-examination of reality in the face of evolving technologies. My current paintings refer to early surrealist metaphysical still lifes, and the contemporary images of food and drink that saturate social media. I am influenced by ideas about the relationship between truth and perception; for instance, the refracted image of a straw in water was thought to be proof that our perceptions do not provide an accurate account of objective reality. I wonder about the application of such ideas in today’s digitally mediated environment.

I start with a drawing from life and then employ strong colors, thin outlines, and distorted perspectives. I strive for the paintings to inhabit a space between the empirical and the symbolic, to explore the interchange between physical space and subjective perception. My use of acrylic paint and areas of flat color emphasise the tension between the illusionistic image and the painting’s physical surface. Through an investigation of painterly concerns, my work questions the nature of surface, the efficacy of perception, and the relevance of a contemporary notion of truth in the digital age. 

All work by Mathew

Mathew Gasparek
2017, 10 x 12, acrylic on canvas