Silver Spring

Artist's statement

Full Artist's statement

The current body of work consists of abstract paintings and works on paper inspired by real landscape elements. Sky and land evolve into the purely pictorial experiences of space and form. Rather than literal transcriptions, these paintings invite the viewer into compelling encounters with bold shapes and vigorous gestures.

The environment of these paintings is a complex of overlapping and interpenetrating forms that morph and marry, jostle and dissolve. At times,
the forms seem to contend for autonomy or dominance. But no shape is separate; all are intimately related in a dynamic matrix. These paintings develop intuitively, with blocky ovoids and curving sections slowly growing, becoming hidden or lost, and then emerging more clearly. The viewer visually travels through the painting, discovering a composition that is essentially organic in nature.

In keeping with their inspiration in the landscape, these paintings describe specific spacial situations. In some of the paintings, the viewer seems to be looking down over piled-up forms, and out into an expanse of sky. In other paintings, the viewer seems to hover above forms beneath shallow water. And in some works, the viewpoint is completely submerged underwater. In the latter case, the paintings become dream-like and ephemeral, with softened forms melting into an atmosphere of light.

Central to this work is its direct painterly energy, embodied in the strong brush strokes that define forms and in the subtle layering of glazes that creates a sense of spacial depth. Color ? rich, subdued, and varied ? is fundamental to the viewer?s emotive, poetic journey through these images.

All work by Mark