Artist's statement

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My work speaks to the fleetingness of life and the permanency of experience. I am moved by how space is both fluid and tangible.

Shifts in color and light, objects floating from one opening to another—these aspects of my work stimulate peripheral sensations, as if things are happening just outside our field of vision, and at the same time impacting what we experience in front of us. In my images, alternate realities counter stasis, where light dissects space, airplanes fly in rooms, and clouds appear. Transient elements inject emotion into the geometry of my imaginary spaces.

The resulting images are metaphors for the life we are living, reflections on realism, abstraction, and the spaces in between. They are about the here and the not here, temporality, and the invisible, unexpected mysteries within the everyday.

All work by Lisa

Lisa Parker Hyatt
2017, 48 x 41 inches, oil on linen
Lisa Parker Hyatt
2017, 30 x 40 inches, graphite on paper