Video Installation



Moonlight Fantasy is an installation searching for a venue...

I need a dark space,  a dozen projectors mounted in the ceiling and the ability to use smoke machines...

Let me know if you have such a space available and I will create an amazing and memorable installation for you!

The word moonlight evokes in me, feelings of romance, memories of spring and summer evenings and the color blue.  The installation will be held in a dark space, preferably one painted in a cobalt blue, but really any dark space with a high enough ceiling will do. I need to be able to hang projectors from the ceiling and will have them point straight down at the floor.   Each projector will be looping a short and unique video onto a round "floor screen"  I envision the ponds being about 30" in diameter. But might experiment with ponds of varying sizes.  A smoke machine will make the light beams visible and the movement of the viewer, their interaction with the air and the smoke will create dancing, swirling patterns in the light beams. There will be between 8 and 12 projectors depending on the size of the venue.  

The effect should be that of a magical space of shifting light ponds and of beams of moonlight that come and go as the fog dances through them. The viewer can navigate between these video ponds, stop at, sit by, dance between them or contemplate them.

There will be atmospheric music, something ethereal and light playing - I am hoping to work with a composer to create this music and hope the space can host performances by dance troupes who might be interested in dancing under the moonlight.


I believe that play and the physical aspects of play that are not directly sexual are greatly underrated in our society and in postmodern art in general.  Too often art has to be serious, ugly or political to be taken seriously.  I believe that in addition, we need to take value art that emphasizes the beautiful, the mysterious and the playful sides of life. 

Moonlight is a spin-off of "Pink a Cheery Blossom Fantasy" my recently closed installation which put a great emphasis on joy and play and the ephemeral qualities of time.

What is more ephemeral than smoke and a moving image? Without being preachy or condescending I would like to  get the viewer to consider the brevity of life and existence while exposing them to beautiful images and letting them run or dance or slowly stroll between brightly shining moonbeams of moving images.