Digital Painting on watercolor paper



Connecting with the Light
A new collection by Liliane Blom

A contemplation on life, loss and death.
The series "Connecting with the Light" was inspired in part by the rough beauty of the peeling yellow walls and the light flooding in from the large old windows in a long abandoned school gymnasium. But also in part from an unexpected and sad trip I took to my childhood home this August to attend my brother's funeral.
The streams of sun shine, the peeling paint, the sense of time passing, of life ticking to its inevitable end, seemed palpable in this old gymnasium.
I could feel the presence of children, long gone, still reverberating in the walls. There was a living presence in the space, the echo of children at play, of balls bouncing on the wooden floors. Ghost of bygone laughter ensnared by years of emptiness and abandon seemed to call to me.
The longing for transcendence and a connection with something bright and shining beyond ourselves is integral to my vision for this series. As is my need to connect with my own inner music and more generally my belief that people have a need to connect with something beyond the merely physical. I like to think of it as the dance of the universe, or the music of the spheres.
In this show I depict both the light and dark sides of thoughts and feelings connected with the bridging of life and death.
Thoughts of death can be scary, dark and unsettling, but also hold within them the promise of release. No longer attached to the material universe, life might float on becoming a dance, a song, an ocean of light and harmony. Becoming the lightness of being. It's a dream I wish to partake of, but cannot quite believe in.