Artist's statement

Full Artist's statement

"Four Seasons" is an installation that honors all women and our common mother the earth.

The paintings are digital collages of nature photographs taken over the last decade and portraits of women from around the world who personify the seasons, they can be thought of as Queens/Goddesses or Spirits. The circle is at the heart of this series and nature at its center. The finished paintings are printed on canvas and finished with traditional handicrafts like embroidery, beads and paint with custom-designed, painted frames to accompany them.

Going from an analog world to a digital creation and back again to a finished piece that is tactile and embraces the traditions of generations past is an important part of this work. The paintings showcase women of all ages from the maiden still unformed and searching for her power and the mother whose strength is the bounty of the earth to the grandmother who leads the tribe with her thoughtful advice.

The videos that accompany the paintings are animations based on the digital collages and will include soundscapes and music that stirs the soul.

The final product is a versatile, scalable installation that can be adapted to most exhibit spaces. The paintings and videos can be shown next to each other or in sequence and the videos can be projections on screens that the viewer can walk through or on monitors. An interactive component at the end of the installation allows the viewer to become one of the seasons.

Artist Bio:

Liliane Blom is an award-winning photographer, classically trained painter and innovative installation artist. She describes her fusion of photography and painting as digital painting. In the last decade, she has been transforming her photographic images into interactive and immersive installations that have reached and touched a large and varied audience. Based in Rockville, Maryland with French/Norwegian roots she is a frequent exhibitor in the Washington region.

Liliane finishes her digital paintings with paint, gold leaf, embroidery and beads as she enjoys the look and feel of the textured surface and the ability to change colors and transform the piece once they become physical objects.

Her installations are interactive and immersive and often environmental in scope. They are multi-sensory experiences, that engage the viewer with sound/touch and light. Playful, they unapologetically appeal to our sense of wonder and invite the viewer into a contemplative space.


Liliane Blom is very engaged in the arts community in the greater Washington DC area and has served on a variety of boards, including Artomatic, The Cultural Arts Commission of Rockville, as President of the Rockville Art League and as leader of Art Watch since its inception in 2016.



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