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Kirsty Little. Artist Statement -  Art As Life I came to Sculpture with an unexpected relocation move to America, leaving me bereft of my former career as an London aerialist, having flown around the world in various sequined guises for nearly two decades. At the same I started another career as a mother. Both worlds collided and my identity floundered. Who could guess that stepping through the door of a pottery yurt at Glen Echo MD could offer me some solace and indeed offer me a place to express my creative spirit and discover its flight. Ceramics is about patience and perseverance, having no expectations and surprising results, similar to my journey to parenthood. I am used to moving with my whole body and soul, from this point I try to come to clay, I make things that have no practical use bar profound image, but may resonate with other people. We have, in some ways, been on life?s journey together, we all have bodies, and we all have lives. I am working on pieces dealing with issues such as motherhood, conception, identity, grief. Creating art makes me feel empty and tired in a positive way, that I took a part of myself and placed outside my body and into clay. I took a formless piece of the earth and shaped it into a sculpture that means something to me and hopefully to you. It?s a cathartic experience. I work in porcelain, mainly unglazed; I like the nature and form of the white natural clay. White is the colour of emotional neutrality, it allows own interpretation. I am a hand builder, I like the irregularity it offers and the ability to move freely while making. I use under glazes and oxides to highlight areas but allow the shapes to breath. I spend a long time making pieces; I am not in a rush. This is the first time I use the word Artist to describe myself, instead of Circus Artiste. There is a world of difference between the two but the main ones being my present work will be not be ephemeral, will exist in its own right without me, will be a solid touchable tangible thing and I am free to express myself with no corporate constraints, In this way I hope to reach out to more people than before. Recently I have begun aerial training again with new focus - Performance Art. I am now beginning to find a way to work with my two art forms, the extreme physical and intense small hand work - Continuous is a project that develops that link and draws in my experience of Motherhood - all my worlds colliding in one place, its very exciting. I have made body sculpture to perform in and drawn in other mothers to make the score. I feel the need to blend Art with Artiste, to play with the art and develop both forms, this will be in time, and meanwhile I study patiently. I look forward to finding out the results. Contact - - 202 492 7145 

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Kirsty Little
2016, 16x14x8, wood/wire
Kirsty Little
performance art