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Kate Gorman is a writer and artist creating conceptual and experiential systems. Her background in theater, filmmaking, and visual art gives her a set of tools to interpret and process space on temporal, sensorial, and emotional dimensions. Blending geometric symbols, performance, and text, she translates her experiences into visual, tactile, and auditory zones for people to negotiate mentally or bodily.

She was selected as a 2019 Emerging Artist by Target Gallery at the Torpedo Factory and was a summer Denbo Fellow at Pyramid Atlantic Art Center. She was also awarded an Arts and Humanities Fellowship for 2018 by the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities.


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Kate Gorman
2018, w 11”x h 15”, watercolor, colored pencil, metallic ink on paper
Kate Gorman
2018, w 36” x h 36”, cotton fabric, cotton twill tape, perforated metal
Kate Gorman
2018, w 28” x h 44” x d 16”, cotton fabric, embroidery floss, wood, ink, paper
Kate Gorman
2018, w 6’ x h 6’ x d 6’, cotton fabric, embroidery floss, metal, cotton twill tape, digital playback device, speaker