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Inspired by sacred geometry, Jordann Wine draws on the elegance of classic forms and color gradients to invite reflection on the infinite. Having traveled extensively, she has studied the patterns, colors, and movement of light that make up our world. The elemental shapes she works with connect across time and history, and the repetition within the design allows her to work in a process that is meditative. 
She seeks order out of chaos, and interrupts rigidity of order with slight imperfections in design and the playful use of glitter, a common craft material elevated to a painterly standard. Working in geometric abstraction allows her to further explore and reference the mandalas, fabrics, architecture, and algorithms, which inform her understanding of the universe.

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Jordann Wine
2016, 4' x 10' , Acrylic and glitter on drywall
Jordann Wine
2016, 36 x 48 x 2.5, Glitter and archival adhesive on panel
Jordann Wine
2016, 36 x 36 x 2, Glitter and archival adhesive on panel