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A painting for me starts with a call from an external stimuli, something that sparks an emotional response within me, something I perceive as beautiful. It can be as simple as shapes created between stagnant objects on a table, or the stems of flowers gently resting upon a rigid surface. It could be the seductive space between the arm of a chair and the legs of a model or perhaps, the brightly lit depth that lies beneath a table.

My paintings start with a sense of urgency, a untamed desire to capture this fleeting beauty. I work quickly, boldly, attacking the surface with energetic and lively brush strokes. Sometimes the painting unfolds rather quickly, and I am able to capture the moment of simple beauty. Other times the painting evolves through layers of seeking and meandering, getting lost and reacting to what the painting now tells me. It is through this spontaneous conversation, that the painting moves beyond the resemblance of the initial objects to one that embodies the optimism, the hope, the beauty I set out to discover and capture from that initial spark.


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Jodi Ferrier
2017, 48"x54"x1.375", Acrylic, oil pastel and charcoal
Jodi Ferrier
2017, 48"x54"x1.375", Acrylic, oil pastel and charcoal
Jodi Ferrier
2017, 48"x48"x1.5", Acrylic, oil pastel and charcoal on canvas