Artist's statement

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The rhythmic patterns of tree branches and the intricate curves and snarls of vines are invitations for us to make sculpture. Our favorite moment is when people look at our work and do a double take to see if it?s natural or if it?s art.

Using natural materials, usually collected on-site, we do our best to work in as close a collaboration with nature as possible, taking our cues from the immediate environment.

A tour of ancient Scottish stone circles and cairns in 1986 sparked our interest in how humans have perceived their relationship with the natural world through the ages. Living on a working farm beside a tidal river flowing to the Chesapeake Bay, we?re very aware of the cycles of agriculture, the sun, the moon, and the seasons and have come to feel the inherent sacred quality of nature.

One of our principal goals is to focus viewers? attention on the site and its surroundings, to hone their awareness of the environment. We do our best to draw attention to what?s happening on a site?how plants interact with one another, how they change through the seasons. It?s important to us to allow our work to change naturally, even to gradually decay in situ. In this way, the work acknowledges change and impermanence and the natural cycles of life and death.

All work by Howard & Mary

Howard & Mary McCoy
17' x 18' x 3', Vines cut away from trunks of living pine trees
Howard & Mary McCoy
15' x 60' x 50', Greenbriar Vines
Howard & Mary McCoy
12' x 14' x 4', Grapevines cut from surrounding trees
Howard & Mary McCoy
14'6" x 6'6" x 4', Fallen branches, vine-wrapped wire
Howard & Mary McCoy
20' x 10' x 10', Cedar branches inserted in dead pine tree
Howard & Mary McCoy
5'6" x 5'6", Eggshells, river-worn stones