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My current work is focused primarily on water.

This stems from childhood when I was consumed with looking. Watching landscapes change, waves roll in and animals wander about their domain. It was as a child that I began my life-long exploration, wonder and appreciation of the natural world.

As an image-maker, my intention is to create artifacts which represent what it feels like to be immersed in a landscape—present and open. To celebrate the natural beauty, mystery and fragility that exists in front of us. I create this work based on my belief that in order for us to protect our natural environment, we must first understand, honor and respect it.

In a world where our society is more consumed than ever by man made environments both virtual and physical, a call for us to return to true nature is in order—if for nothing else—balance.  


Biography: Hannele Lahti (b. 1981, Maine) is a visual storyteller currently based in the Washington, D.C. area. Her work focuses on environmental conservation with a primary interest in water. As stewards of the natural world, she believes it is our responsibility to honor and protect it. She uses her work to foster an appreciation for our natural resources by creating visual stories and fine art exhibitions to engage the public.

She is represented by National Geographic Creative for stock photography and video footage. She earned her BFA in Photographic Illustration from the Rochester Institute of Technology and is a past board member and Co-President of the ASMP DC chapter.


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Hannele Lahti
2013, 24x36, Archival Pigment Print
Hannele Lahti
2012, 16x24, Archival Pigment Print