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In September 2015 I joined Studio Gallery, a cooperative of 30+ artists located at 2108 R Street.  Since then, I've had work up in the year-end All Members Show and the New Members Show this February in which I'm showing urban themed paintings and drainwgs.  Come October, I'm in a two-person show at the gallery.

As for my art more generally, everywhere I turn in our environment, I see a rich play of shapes and contours, textures and colors, rhythms and contrasts. Shift your view, there?s a veritable cornucopia of impressions on which the eye can feast. This is especially true for me -- educated as an architect and planner -- in dense city centers where the skylines and streetscapes inspire my urban abstracts. These compositions explore visual possibilities in today's cities. Many of the paintings derive from small drawings done onsite in ink or other dry media here in Washington, in New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Chicago, or abroad -- cities with tall towers and bustling street scenes. Of particular note: New York?s ubiquitous yellow taxis -- cruising the street, their home -- the subject of numerous drawings in black ink with a burst of bright yellow wash.

All work by Gordon