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My work is a search for intensities through memory, body, and identity.

I use drawings of structures related to physical forces to give a visceral and immediate impact to abstract dualities such as presence and absence, solidity and intangibility.

Creating sensitive environments that suggest vortex, forces or events, I intend to refer to primitive spaces such as the cave, the burrow or the ocean floor, to create astonishment between something powerful, and sometimes dangerous.

Through the accumulation of points or lines, and the reflection of materials such as enamel or graphite, I want to invite the viewer to experience a certain intimacy with the image, with its materiality, and to feel space as something uncertain.

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Gerardo Camargo
2017, 66X48", silver enamel on vinyl
Gerardo Camargo
2015, 42x64'', silver enamel on vinyl
Gerardo Camargo
2015, 48x72", Gold enamel on vinyl