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My paintings emerge from my fascination with patterns and delicate interworkings extending throughout the visible world. Pattern, seemingly a point of stability, so easily falls into disorder. The closer I look, the more little, subtle variations I find. So easily, these small discrepancies can unravel order into growing, tangling chaos. I like these broken links, these places of fissure. In my work, I seek to halt the chaos at the the point of dissolve, to paint pattern at the state of liquefaction. I strive to create worlds just out of reach of control and comfort. 

I collect pattern as I look at the world around me finding inspiration in nature, textiles, and doodles. Layering oil paint, maker, collage, and image transfer on canvas, pattern takes on form, sometimes growing into landscapes, tablets, or tapestries. Words (secret message, letter memories) form a sort of pattern themselves and often become buried in the paintings. The paintings end up as little worlds that are equal parts fiction, memory, wishes, and illogical constructions of pattern seen and imagined.

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Fallon Chase
2016, 30 x 20 IN, oil and marker on canvas
Fallon Chase
2015, 40 x 36 IN, oil maker transfer, and image transfer on canvas
Fallon Chase
2015, 18 x 16 IN, oil and marker transfer on canvas
Fallon Chase
2015, 16 x 15 IN, oil and marker transfer on canvas