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Emily Pearce Artist Statement

Emily Pearce began training as an artist in Hillsborough, North Carolina. She studied woodworking, pottery, and painting from a variety of North Carolina artists and developed an interest in folk art and botanical drawing.

Pearce holds a B.A. in History of Art from Yale University with a focus on the ancient Mediterranean. After graduating from Yale in 2003 Pearce spent extensive time abroad, living and working in South Korea, Turkey, Germany, and Egypt. 

Pearce moved with her family to Rockville, Maryland, in 2013, where she works as an artist and cares for her two young daughters. She creates digital “finger painting” using her iPad and her fingertips, a practice she considers to be folk art for the digital age.  Pearce employs this medium to capture a variety of subjects, including street scenes, landscapes, botanicals, and culinary creations. 

Pearce’s award-winning artwork has been exhibited in galleries in Tennessee, North Carolina, and Maryland. It is available for sale through gallery shows and at her website,  


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Emily Pearce
2017, 22" x 24", iPad Drawing
Emily Pearce
2017, 12 x 12, iPad Drawing
Emily Pearce
2017, 20 x 24 , iPad Drawing