5'8" x 30" x 40"


Bamboo, zipties, donated tile, concrete, wood palate, hardware



During an art residency, I started to notice and wonder about why people travel, and what sites they are looking for. In El Bruc, the view is Montserrat, and the architecture destination is the church and Black Madonna on the mountain. I wanted to make a sculpture that included natural and local components, with an arch and space available for religious offerings, or to lean on as through a windowsill. It can be easily moved around, and it can support the weight of someone sitting on it. 

The tiles set in the footprint of the bamboo was donated by a local ceramic artist.The structure is shaped and secured with 587 zipties.
Done during an AIR month at Can Serrat International Artists Residency, El Bruc, Spain. Permanent collection of Can Serrat.