performance, 40photos



Women's Circles is a live performance that is documented with photographic images and has issues related to women as its core. While I try to express myself spontaneously through the collection, it is not complicated and is merely my take on the environment and social issues I feel in 2010.Within the piece, there are connotations of humanity as I believe art is just another expression of humanitarian thought, but in refusing to override the denial of reality and the social context in which we live, it also rejects self –isolation and isolation from the wider world. Women in the UAE and Arab world in general, are vital anchors in some of my works and this is my way to express the conflicts between the individual and society. We find an overwhelming sense of dissatisfaction and self seeking in most of my work and I think that the feeling of dissatisfaction when producing artworks, is the true motivation that develops the artist beyond where he or she is in 'the here and now'. When I find myself in a place of complacency, I feel that I am unable to move forward in my work or life. In this way, the main objective of Women's Circles is to use art to express my humanity through a body of serious work that is reflective of a new style of visual art that is not remembered momentarily but that leaves a more permanent impression on the viewer. Through Women's Circles, I am representing each and every woman who is searching for freedom. This is not merely a work of art, but a true representation of how I feel as an Arab woman, as an artist, a friend and daughter and the various multitude of roles I've accepted or that have been allocated to me up until now. Although the circles may appear as complicated as life itself, I'm trying to let the audience be creative in their thinking of ways to escape those self same life frames that have constrained me but which may be unique to each viewer and his/her life experience. The circles are representative of life itself and while the structure is complex and as restrictive as life itself is, it is simple at the same time. This piece, while simple to look at, is perhaps more deep than any previous piece I've done as my philosophy on life is ever evolving and the issues facing man and society are becoming increasingly more complex and constraining – the global economy, environmental issues and so on. As women, we have different experiences than men and our suffering and challenges are inextricably tied up with those of society in general and are further affected by the ongoing Middle East situation.