Installation( sphere), Performance Documentation, photos (100x 80 cm) 2videos 3min (2)



I wish to create a very special space that I can enter while painting the world with “ Klein’s Blue”. I was & am always moved by Yves Klein’s blue painting, which signifies “an open window to freedom”.
In this performance art piece I will paint the inside of the plastic bubble with Klein’s blue to create ‘freedom ‘ which will effectively change the colour of the entire world. The documentation of this performance includes video of the colouring process from ‘inside the bubble, and also a documentation of the surrounding space outside the bubble, which will also represent the idea of “who is watching who”, since there will be documentary photographs of the “new blue world” and some documentation of the people on the street and their reaction & interactions to and with the ‘freedom bubble’.
“Being inside a bubble doesn’t represent the idea of freedom as people usually might think!!! However I see things differently; I see myself inside a bubble of ‘freedom’, which will let me change the colour of the entire world”