40x25 cm


10 installations Found objects Mixed Media


The relationship of these works to my autobiography is that they represent the environment and society I live in. In my new work Autobiography - Found Objects, my trips are on foot this time, when I began a search and exploration mission very similar to a treasure hunt or oil exploration. These trips were not pre-planned; they were like a trip to the unknown. I was looking for things I didn’t know, anything without intrinsic value that I might run into: a piece of plastic, wood or metal… This is the documented journey for an autobiography. The materials are old and worn yet contain a certain aesthetic appeal, something special in their make-up that only an artist can detect. They converse with the artist and speak of life and the consumerist society we find ourselves in today. They are like we humans, and when they become worn out and worthless they are often tossed away, just like humans when we get older and are facing death. The artist sees these things differently and attaches great value to them. After all, they create his autobiography and therefore his artwork. I was careful to preserve the things I collected in their original forms without adding any artistic elements or embellishments because I wanted to display them as they were. I also wanted to free these objects from the manufactured world they came from and bestow values other than the consumerist ones originally attached to them. I therefore collected them and created artistic formations with aesthetic value, which is what this documentary work is about: collecting objects and giving them a new life. That is why I painted the objects with attractive and lively colours that carry hope for a new life.
The installations are made of mixed materials- cheap materials that are readily available, giving the work a materialistic and psychological edge and rendering it the sculptural equivalent of abstract impressionist painting. The work encompasses the symbolic and the abstract, it ranges from raw matter to a refined and even industrial state. They are variations in modern art with a background imbued in the local environment we live in. I see the variety in media and materials as central to producing art so I use materials such as: metals, woods, plastics and glass. These are imposing abstract formations that also reveal to the artist the limits of the materials he is working with. This is a collection of meticulously organized objects that were randomly collected, and includes household plastic products, doll parts, and trash from the streets and garbage bins. All I do is restructure them into familiar formations that tell stories from everyday life: daily events that the viewer can decipher in their own way.