Video (550 minutes)



There is no doubt that a person's autobiography is based on central features some of which are necessary and general and some which are facts and events associated to ideas, opinions, behavior and relationships with society and others. In this work "Autobiography 03- 07", which I consider the second and completing part of "Autobiography 03- 05", I mix documentation and theatrical drama. The numbers are a summary of my autobiography for a certain period, and I employ it in the framework of a theatrical that portrays the negative aspects of today's society where the individual is rendered useless in the midst of consumerist societies that only recognize material profits. The video is of a deliberate moving scene, the same one we take part in every day, except I present it in a cynical manner that mocks class divisions. It is a cynical critique of consumerist societies signifying the transformation of the human being into a code or a set of numbers. The artist's body is changed into a well-known brand or an emblem printed on t-shirts and placed on giant billboards.
In the last exhibition I chose numbers with loud attention-grabbing colors, using the modern advertising techniques that draw the viewer in exactly the same way they are shoved down our throats to consume us on a daily basis. This work is just like other performance exhibitions (body art shows) where the artist's body becomes the central point of convergence for physical and social elements. When I wear my outfit (with my autobiography on it) and walk outside, I am symbolizing abstract issues within the context of events taking place in the language of the time. Fast and incessant, its events cumulate and are stored in our memories in an image that has deep undertones of the repression suffered by millions. Things may seem normal, or ordinary, but in reality they are sad. We almost take consumerism for granted now.