Artist's statement

Full Artist's statement

The primary focus of my recent work has been centered around understanding the phenomena of perceived motion on the static picture plane. 

There are a number of movements that have been of valuable influence to me in this search. Among them, particular works in the op art, futurist, impressionist and fauvist movements have offered a great deal of confirmation to my own studies.

By definition I have organized these effects into different categories:

  • Blur—the softening edges of foreground elements against it’s background (in composition).
  • Stroboscopic effect— the repetition of shape in linear motion. In close proximity this creates …
  • Flicker effect— causing confusion of the eye to read quickly, back-and-forth, between repeating edges
  • Color vibration— an effect similar to flicker in that it causes a physiological response for the viewer. This effect in particular is different for individual viewers (and their color threshold). It also varies according to lighting conditions.

My paintings utilize two basic forms in attempt to create the above mentioned phenomena. Those forms are blurred transitions and the oval dot. I define these two terms this way:

  • Blurred transition— the physical mixing of one color into an other. Like the optical effect of blur (above), this also softens the edge of foreground elements into background color.
  • Oval dot— the optical mixing of color. The oval shape of the dot helps to define directional motion. When used to build foreground elements, it allows background color to also show through making the object appear as if in an energy state. When combined with color vibration and stroboscopic effect, this form takes on greater power.

On an abstract level, my paintings are designed to work within the physiological state. Not unlike op art works, this is meant to cast the broadest net as it allows anyone to feel it on a primitive level. In this way it is meant as a very social art form. On a secondary level, some paintings I have done include more representational figures. This is done as an open form of storytelling as the physiological sensation of the activity being represented is conveyed in the figures.

All work by David