30" x 30"


Digital Pigment Prints on layers of assembled silk & satin



“Affliction” is a collection of images I have taken the last few years while a patient in various medical settings. Any of us who have had a need to be hospitalized, or cared for by the medical world know how disorienting that can be. While feeling physically unwell, we rely on the help of strangers. The quality of light is either dim, or jarringly bright, the sounds hard and jarring. Everything about the environment is foreign and uninviting. Strange machines and equipment surround and interact with us. An overwhelming feeling of vulnerability pervades.

 As an artist, I am am always looking for ways to see the world around me from within me. The connections I make to others through this process are due to our commonality. Narratives developed from my images are individual and personal, yet they are experiences shared by many.